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Gary Ritchie gary at garyritchie.com
Wed Dec 29 04:14:45 CET 2004

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On Dec 28, 2004, at 7:36 PM, Wookey wrote:

    OK - I turned 'debug on' in layout

    and now I get pretty images like this:

    I can see that the black linesare the final result and the red lines are the
    initial positions of the scrap walls, but what do the yellow lines/triangles
    indicate. It looks like distortions or distortions at joins?

    As you can see something has gone badly wrong in the upper centre of this
    image - I'm just trying to work out what...

    Also - as you can see on that pdf I am not getting any transparency on
    overlaying passages (despite having 'transparency on', 'opacity 50'). How do
    I fix that? or is it just that my viewer (xpdf) can't do it and it is just
    output into the PDF?

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