Therion 0.3.0

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Mon Apr 19 16:29:44 CEST 2004

+++ m.b at [04-04-16 11:25 +0200]:

>> Hi everybody!
>> Therion 0.3.0 is available. Substantial changes:
>>  * Therion goes 3D: vrml, 3dmf and native therion formats with
>>    passages reconstructed from 2D maps
>>  * completely new Win32 installation with TeX and Tcl/Tk included
>> XTherion:
>>  * 3D model viewer added
>>  * Map editor: only the visible part of background images is zoomed
>>    (less memory consumption and speed improvement)
>>  * Map editor: support for JPEG and PNG images if tkImg extension
>>    is installed

wow - lots of activity.

I've debianised this version and it seems to work well. I like the new
zooming, which is definately a lot faster.

One thing. I noticed the map-header syntax has changed (for the better)
because my files gave an error, (glad to see the thbook stays in sync -
comendable!) so I ought to change the thconvert script to modify this too.
Are there any other incompatible syntax changes that should be converted?

BTW my 'extra line' problem remains (not suprisingly). I haven't had time to
analyse this (due to drawing surveys the old-fashioned way), but I'll get a
minimal example to send you soon.

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