[therion] Re: How do all the metapost parts fit together.

Michael Lake mikel at speleonics.com.au
Mon Sep 8 14:11:24 CEST 2003

Michael Lake wrote:

> The Official UIS list of cave symbols is available from: http://www.karto.ethz.ch/neumann-cgi/cave_symbol.pl

By the way helictites are helictites but your xtherion has them as helectites.

 From the UIS Page:
Translations of Helictites - Soda Straws - Crystals

Croatian: Heliktiti - Spageti - Kristali
Dutch: excentrieken - macaronies - kristallen
French: Excentriques/Helictites - Spaghettis - Cristaux
German: Excentriques - Spaghetti - Kristalle
Italian: Concrezione eccentrica - Spaghetti - Cristalli
Romanian: Excentrite-Helictite - macaroane - cristale
Slovene: Heliktiti - spageti (cevcice) - kristali

How were you planning to cope with things like the text in different languages. survex uses a lookup table of numbers for error messages and their strings that are output for each language. Perhaps therion could use the uis english text in the program but use a lookup table to convert them to other strings for xtherions menus for french and german etc. What do you use in Slovenia.

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