[therion-users] Re: therion does a seg fault when I try and run it

Stacho Mudrak s.m at group-s.sk
Fri Sep 5 12:24:15 CEST 2003

Fine, this weekend I should have some time to fix small bugs in therion. So 
If you have more of them, please mail me them. I'll also check warnings, 
that Wookey sent to me.

> thpoint.cxx:446: warning: `.' not followed by `*' or digit in format
> thats because you have at this line the following...
> 	sprintf(buff,"%0.f",this->xsize);
> should that be instead the following?
> 	sprintf(buff,"%.0f",this->xsize);

Of course :)

> 2.
> The following is more serious.
> thpoint.cxx:731: warning: assignment of negative value `-1' to `char'
> 	void thpoint_parse_value(int & sv, double & dv, bool & qw, char & sign, 
> char * str)
> and later on....
> 	case '-':
> 	sign = -1;
> 	str++;
> 	break;
> OK my programming skills are rudimentary but if you assign a negative 
> value to
> a character pointer then the variable will give a different value 
> depending
> whether the operating system is 32 or 64 bit. My Alpha is 64 bit.
> The compiler warns about it and rightly so.

You're right. I'll check, whether I mix unsigned and signed chars somwhere 
else. And I'll try to change it.

> argument to the  getopt_long function ! eeeewwww :-)

This is why I recommanded you to compile included getopt C code (in extern 
directory, it's done via make config-macosx). If it didn't help, the 
problem is probably not the getopt version...

The other idea: May be, I'm combining C and C++ code the wrong way (I just 
link .o files created by C and C++ compilers together). May be, it's not 
correct. I have no idea. I've studied mathematics, not computer 
programming... :(


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