[therion] Re: survex to therion data conversion

Stacho Mudrak s.m at speleo.sk
Mon Nov 10 10:18:03 CET 2003

> 'export' only exports up one level - to the surrounding survey, so there are no 'global' names which might clash. So it is not true that you might not be able to join caves.

Then I've not understood the survex manual correctly :)

>> >* therion uses # for comments, survex uses ; (by default)
>> >this is just tiresome - especially for hand-editing conversion
> If therion could accept both it would be handy. conversion of
> these chars is easy in theory but the problem is that ";" is/can
> be used in places where it does not mean 'comment' so a simple-minded replacement might make some comments a bit odd.
> It shouldn't break anything though. A converter replacing the
> first one on a line will probably always work.
> (counterexamples?)

No idea. I just have to check - how is it in therion - when the
line is not commented from the beginning.

>> >* Survex uses "begin <surveyname>", therion uses  "survey <surveyname>"
>> >* Survex uses "end <surveyname>", therion uses "endsurvey"
>> endsurvey can be optionally followed by <surveyname>, than it's checked whether survey and endsurvey parameter match.
> I'm fairly sure I got errors in therion 0.2.15 when I tried this....this
> would certainly be better for making the converter simpler (it has to be
> careful about begin/end pairs that are do not start/end surveys.

I've checked this now - it works with my dataset. So if it doesn't work with your data, there must be a bug somewhere...

> "assitant" was the best sensible term I could think of. Someone on the
> surveying team who may not actually be surveying but is looking round
> corners, up slopes, and behind boulders to be sure nothing is missed.

Now I understand :)

> Why is that cleaner than a 'survexinclude' directive which does necessary
> conversion?. I suppose it is more general, but going through make is going
> to be confusing to non-programmers I would have thought?

I had in mind, that convertor would never be able to convert corretly all survex input data. Using make process - user (programmer) would be able to make corrections. But you're right, I've never thought about 'non- programmers' :(

> The make target would need to create new files by converting the existing
> survex files, then insert them, or include them, in existing therion files -
> right?

Yes. But I think, that the most important thing now is to create and test the conversion script - and then we can decide, how it will be implemented in therion.

Regards, S.

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