survex to therion data conversion

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Thu Nov 6 10:45:32 CET 2003

+++ Michael Lake [03-11-06 15:08 +1100]:

>> John Pybus wrote:
>>> > You'll also note the need to convert reference of the form
>>> > survey.subsurvey.station to station at subsurvey.survey .  This is also
>>> > rather irksome (I think it betrays therion's tcl roots?).
>> OT but I think that at some point it will have to use another GUI.
>> Either GTK-anything or wxWindows or

Yes. Everyone agrees xtherion is fairly horrid and is merely a 'proof of
concept' UI. I think stacho picked tcl because he already knew it.

Most of the people I know who are currently using illustrator rather than
therion are doing it because the interface was too slow/horrible in

The problem is of course that writing good UIs is both hard and tedious -
any volunteers  :-)

..... now back to the topic at hand.

>>> > I'd really like a survexinclude which would import survex data from the
>>> > original files.  With very little reorganisation my existing data could
>>> > then be used with therion without change.  That might require linking
>>> > the survex parser into therion to implement.
>> The above would be by far the best option. Copying and pasting in your
>> survex data creates then two copies of survex data that can get
>> out-of-sync when you update the survex data.

OK - that's another vote. Unless any of the main authors object violently
this seems like the way to go.

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