survex to therion data conversion

Michael Lake Mike.Lake at
Thu Nov 6 05:08:03 CET 2003

John Pybus wrote:

>> You'll also note the need to convert reference of the form
>> survey.subsurvey.station to station at subsurvey.survey .  This is also
>> rather irksome (I think it betrays therion's tcl roots?).

OT but I think that at some point it will have to use another GUI.
Either GTK-anything or wxWindows or ..... now back to the topic at hand.

>> I'd really like a survexinclude which would import survex data from the
>> original files.  With very little reorganisation my existing data could
>> then be used with therion without change.  That might require linking
>> the survex parser into therion to implement.

The above would be by far the best option. Copying and pasting in your
survex data creates then two copies of survex data that can get
out-of-sync when you update the survex data.

PS. I have been distracted lately and havent been able to get back to
playing with Therions metapost and ASF/UIS cave symbols. I intend to get
back onto this in Dec/Jan as Im taking annual leave so will have time. I
would like to modify the metapost so that cave symbols can be easily
constructed with just a bit of metapost knowledge and pulled in at run
time rather than needing to be there when compiled.

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