[therion-users] cross-sections

Martin Sluka martinsluka at mac.com
Wed Jul 30 10:01:13 CEST 2003


we discussed the drawing of cross-sections with MartinB. It looks you 
should add to therion section-endsection command. Recent method to draw 
sections is a bit overcomplicated. There is not any relationship 
between section and section line for example. Sections are not usable 
for 3D now.

section \
-bearing xx \
-slope yy \
-visibility on/off (manual or automatic) \
-anchor (inside passage - the point which belongs to real section) xy \
-reference_point (where to draw section) \
-standard_shape (for visibility off - not drawn on maps, but important 
for 3D) \
[data] (in case of nonstandard shape - real section)

Therion should draw only "possible" sections - on 2D map only sections 
connected to subhorizontal not the vertical passages,  ...

There should be a validity check - if section corresponds to passage 
dimensions and height symbol for example, bearing too far from 
perpendicular orientation, ...

The section line, orientation mark, connection line, etc. should be 
generated by therion itself.

xtherion should have separate window for editation of real 
cross-sections and editable library of standard shapes.

Any ideas from others?


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