[therion-users] New version of therion

Stacho Mudrak s.m at speleo.sk
Thu Jul 17 09:05:07 CEST 2003

Hello everybody,

this morning I've uploaded new version of therion to our web-site. Thanks 
to Wookey, we've also man pages for therion and xtherion (we've slightly 
modified them) and also documentation has been changed according to his 
proposals (and should be up to date now).

I've studied also the makeconvert.pl script changes, that Wookey did in his 
Debian distribution, and it seems to me, that we've not understood 
correctly. The projection stays in export command, but is inserted via 

E.g. if you want to export map of extended profile, you enter into thconfig 

export map -proj extended

(previosly it has been "export map extended").

The other thing for Debian distribution - at least at man pages is written, 
that therion tex and mpost macros are installed into /usr/share/texmf/... 
directory. But from version 0.2.13, therion don't need these macros! 
They're compiled in therion executable - so no additional tex or metapost 
configuration is needed! If you will remove them - nothing will happen and 
therion continue to work.

I hope, you understood what I have written :)

The last point, if somebody is interested about future therion 
developement, we would like to add to therion following features:

1. Automatically generated graphical scale, north arrow, title, authors and 
legend should be added to map and atlas by default. User will have 
possibility to modify them.

2. The modification of symbol set by user. It will be done via layout.

3. The therion tutorial - we're now working on some documents, that will 
make first steps in therion much more easy, like it is now. Because a lot 
of people are asking us for them - at least here in Czechoslovakia.

4. 3D passage wall modeling.

Best regards, S.

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