[therion-users] Therion a MacOS X 10.2.3 - working!!!

Martin Sluka martinsluka at mac.com
Fri Feb 21 08:20:22 CET 2003

May you explaine to me, please, what it means X, X11, wx, wxWindows, 
etc. There is a slang I'm not able to understand.

Way is not the best idea to compile survex with X11 - configure is 
evidenly looking for it?

You people of Unix understand each other, but for me, foreigner, it 
is very difficult...

To read hundreds pages of documentation and experiment hours and 
hours is not a way for me.



At 08:40 -0700 20.2.2003, John Halleck wrote:

>  > > I have no idea what the state of wxwindows on macosX is, but 
>it's probably
>>  > coming if it's not available already.
>  I run X on the mac.  It is workable (and has been for the last few 
>  You can start X as one of your startup items, and once it is started it is
>  pretty transparent.   I probably wouldn't advise it if you run with the
>  absolute minimal recommended memory for running MacOSX


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