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Michael Lake mikel at speleonics.com.au
Wed Dec 3 03:45:00 CET 2003

Stacho Mudrak wrote:

>>>>Mike Lake

>> I'm sorry, I've wronlgy formulated my question.
>> I need some expression (if there exists some), we can use instead of
>> "symbols" or "symbol set". Legend includes also scale, north arrow,
>> surveyors etc...

Umm... here we have a difference in understanding. In Australia adn Im
sure in US and UK too, the legend is just a box (border or no border)
that has a list of the symbols and what they are.
The surveyors etc goes into the 'Title Box" with the name of the cave,
survey dates etc. That Title box does not include the symbols listed in
the legend.

>> I've been searching a lot, and probably there does not exist such
>> expression in english. So we will use "UIS symbols", "ASF symbols"

Often though the word "Legend" does not get put on the map, sometimes it

Internationalisation is not easy  :-)

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