[therion-users] Re: New version

Stacho Mudrak s.m at group-s.sk
Wed Nov 6 14:51:27 CET 2002

> Hi people, I've just joined up. I downloaded and compiled this OK on a
> debian woody box. I've got some small changes for you for the README and
> INSTALL docs as a result, which I'll mail as soon as I get the network
> n my laptop working. The current build process assumes you have
> on your PATH when you do make xtherion. I assume this needs to be the
> current version of therion, not just any old version. This is likely to
> cause trouble, as normally the ~home/therion/bin isn't going to be on the
> path but /usr/local/bin/therion will be and that'll be the old version.
> Will that break?

Of course, you're right ;-) The build process is now done a very dirty way
and I'm very interested in, to make it GNU compatible (automake etc...), but
we've a lot of other things on TODO list, that are too hot...

If you're interested in, I can send you the map of our real (2 km) test cave
(cca500kB in PDF, 40kB in therion format - if you're able to run therion -
it would be a very nice test), that you will see, how the map of real cave
processed by therion looks like.

We can not put it on the web, as a motivation for other people, because it's
very "sensitive" cave - in fact we have forbidden access to it (by ministry
of environment) and we would have big problems, if some officer would know,
that we're still doing explorations there... And we've no other cave maps,
because until now we put 95% of our effort into programming. Now it's
slightly changing, when we're able to put into maps all we need, we will
probably be more editing maps than programming.

In the very near future, we need to add to maps some basic things, that are
still missing like graphical scale, north arrow, surveyors and dates and
than generate automatically the map legeng - from the symbols that were used
in a map.

Then 2D output should be more or less finished (ha - it seems I'm still
optimistic). But we urgently need some 3D passage model. It'll be a part of
xtherion, because I've found one very nice parser of OpenGL into Tcl/Tk.

Our goal is to minimize entering up-down-left-right data, but using map
plan, extended profile and given sections (all parts of 2D input) generate a
3D passage wall model. I'm very keen on testing such an algorithms, because
I've never seen something like this and I believe, it would save our time
and improve the 3D model.

Of course in parallel, we're planing to write some therion cookbook. README
file now serves more like a reference guide, because sometimes I forget, how
I've programmed something.

That's all about the current state of therion project. Any help or comments
are welcome.


P.S. I'll change right now the Makefiles in a way, that only newly compiled
therion will be used in xtherion compilation. I've been using symbolic links
from /usr/bin, that pointed to therion, so I didn't recognize such a

P.S.2. Something went wrong with the setup of mailing list, so if you got
this message twice, I'm sorry.

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