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Pátek Říjen 9 19:32:20 CEST 2020

Ahojte, dostupná je nová verzia 5.5.2 Therionu.
Prehľad zmien v angličtine:

v5.5.2          Therion 5.5.2 (2020-10-09):
     * added extend ignore path -- extend ignore <station1> <station2> <station3>
     * added ratio of extended elevation -- extend <0..100>
     * support CMYK colors in MetaPost symbols (this is not yet a complete
       CMYK support)
     * updated WKT definitions for some built-in projections
     * the names of projections defined by EPSG/ESRI are loaded dynamically
       from the Proj database if Proj version >= 6
     * undated surveys are listed in the Therion messages
     * documentation updates
     * updated German translation [#258]
     * bugs fixed
       - use proper ISO code for Czech language ('cs' instead of 'cz') [#251];
         'cz' is still allowed in the map layout for backwards compatibility
       - pdftex included in the windows installer failed to find images with
         '/./' or '/../' in the file path
       - splay shots extended elevation processing
       - another fix for Proj 7.1.0 axes swap in Krovak's projection
       - refuse to compile with unsupported Proj versions
       - depth is incorrectly taken from surface legs
       - Survex err reading bugfix
       - VTK9 compatibility fixes
       - Xtherion map georeferencing bugfix
       - mingw-w64 compatibility fixes
       - wxWidgets compilation issues
       - declination set to 0 outside of the geomag model range
         (now the declination is extrapolated 15 years after the model date;
         error is produced after that and before 1900)
       - other minor fixes
     * add more Travis CI targets, update the libraries used
     * removed Therion library rebuilding

S pozdravom,
Therion team

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