nový Therion 5.5.0

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Pátek Květen 1 10:32:39 CEST 2020

Ahojte, dostupná je nová verzia 5.5.0 Therionu.
Prehľad zmien v angličtine:

v5.5.0          Therion 5.5.0 (2020-05-01):
     * maps-offset <on|off> feature in thconfig file to disable maps drawn
       in offset [#159]
     * maps <on|off> feature in thconfig file to produce map just from scraps,
       ignoring the maps definition
     * log extend feature in thconfig to log extended elevation construction
     * added point mudcrack (thanks to Rodrigo Severo)
     * added an extensive SBE symbol set (thanks to Rodrigo Severo)
     * geomag data updated up to 2025
     * added support for reproducible generation of PDF and SVG output
       (command-line option --reproducible-output)
     * make thbook.pdf build reproducible (derive the created/modified dates
       of the PDF file from the commit date)
     * improved support for Proj 6.0 and 7.0 (see proj-auto init file option)
     * Catch2 unit testing library and Proj test cases added
     * all python scripts use Python 3 now
     * added Serbian (thanks to Ivana Miskovic) and Slovenian [PR#142] translations
     * updated Portuguese translation [PR#170,220]
     * thbook improvements by Benedikt Hallinger [PR#161,162]
     * bugs fixed
       - spelling in some thbook chapters
       - html and kml output [PR#145,150]
       - extend ingore <station> fixed
       - Survex 3D output is missing the nodes on the end of anonymous
         splay legs [#157]
       - a_blocks_AUT missing semi-colon [#126]
     * add thconfig* to selectable config file list [PR#168]
     * bugs fixed:
       - Windows xtherion window geometry bugfix
     * bugs fixed:
       - MacOS X compilation [PR#144]
       - multiple minor fixes
       - Linux off-screen rendering bugfix

S pozdravom,
Therion team

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